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Music lessons in guitar, piano, drums, vocal, violin, brass & woodwinds.

Since 1988 we have been providing music lessons in guitar, piano, drum, vocal, violin, brass & woodwinds to thousands!

The Academy is the main focus, providing Private Music Lessons and student showcases. Meeting the musical needs of the community, the retail store carries instrument supplies, print music, and various instruments for the student and hobbyist. Services include instrument rentals & repairs.


The Colangelo's were new residents in Thornwood in 1977 and, as musicians, found they had to trek 15 minutes north or south for supplies such as sheet music, guitar strings, picks, or a ’45 (Oh, yes, a 7” vinyl disc with ‘A’ & ‘B’ sides!)! As their children grew, so did their musical needs. It seemed only natural to open a music convenience shop.

In 1988, Rosehill Music Center opened in less than 500 precision packed square feet with vinyl, cassettes, CD’s, print music, instrument accessories, and two lesson studios.

Efforts to add popular instrument brands revealed that those manufacturers denied RHM because of its proximity to a major music chain in White Plains. The Colangelo’s then decided to develop RHM into a more valuable asset to the community than a clearinghouse for name brands. music lessons became the major focus and a recording studio was also developed. Name brands can be bought anywhere, even in cyberspace, but there is nowhere else that offers the same special quality of musical instruction in as warm and professional an environment as RHMA!

After the first 15 years and three expansions, RHM continued to change reflecting the needs of the community. Content with their children in the business as teachers and administrators, The Colangelo’s were ready for even more growth. Then disaster struck on February 16, 2003 as the entire facility was severely damaged by water and smoke resulting from a major fire in the adjoining stores. The family endured, renovated over several months, and kept the music alive in Thornwood. Once again, RHM was ready for the future.

By 2005 recorded music and their accessories were phazed out of the store as modern day technology created a soft market for those items. For RHM, it was the end of an era, but we have always responded to the changing times and needs of our community.

RHMA is proud to have provided music education for thousands of students of all ages though out the years and is now teaching many children of former students!

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