5 Great Reasons to take Music Lessons

1.  GET SMARTER!  Music stimulates the mind and imagination in a language all its own.  Learning music exercises and increases brain function in areas of the brain few other activities can reach.

2.  FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF! Developing a connection with an instrument builds confidence and self esteem, is very rewarding and FUN!

3.  RELAX!  Learning to play music develops skills that lead to relaxation and stress relief.  It is also a great way to EXPRESS yourself and your changing moods.

4.  GET ON THE BALL!  Practicing, reading music, and caring for an instrument helps to develop personal discipline, perseverance and responsibility.

5.  DEVELOP A TALENT!  Most of all, learning music can develop a talent that will be with you and enrich your entire life.  It also helps you to CONNECT and SHARE with family and friends.

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