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RoseHill Music Academy has been family owned and operated since 1988!  We are the area’s trusted source for music education.

Our Philosophy… 
Studying music is a life enriching endeavor that is invaluable!  Being able to play music on your favorite instrument is a skill that will remain with you your entire life.  Our private, one-on-one, lessons motivate students in an enjoyable, focused environment that promotes success.   The lessons are customized to suit the age, skill level and goal set for each student, child or adult.   Students benefit from our instructors’ talent, education, experience and enthusiasm for teaching music.  Along with great instrument instruction, music theory is also incorporated in a balance,  keeping students excited and interested!  Our music instructors are degreed professionals and teaching artist who share our philosophy on music education. Student Performance Opportunities also create goals to further motivate learning for a lifetime of musical enjoyment. Instructors will also prepare willing students fro NYSSMA.  Students can be hopeful concert pianists, collegiate music majors, hobbyists or rock stars in training!

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*   Study Music with the area’s most popular and motivating teaching artists.
*   SAFE & Focused Environment; Avoid household distractions and keep the privacy of your home
*   Air conditioned studios with Observation Windows
*   Security cameras operate 24/7
*  Coordinating Lesson Times for Family Members
*  Convenient Parking and Shopping
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*  Accessible & Friendly Office
*  Comfortable Waiting Area for Students & Families
*  Lesson Supplies & Instrument Repair Shop on Premises


New Student Intro

A four lesson introduction within the Fall or Spring Semester is available to NEW students only.  It is a great opportunity for students to give the instrument a try before continuing with the rest of the semester.  The Intro must begin by the weeks of April 18, 2016 (Spring Semester) and November 16, 2015 (Fall Semester) and be scheduled for 4 consecutive weeks on the same day and time. Students may begin music lessons beyond these dates by registering for the remaining weeks of the semester (semester tuition is pro-rated)

Student Shows

Students have the opportunity to perform ON STAGE IN OUR AUDITORIUM each semester. Semi-annual shows are produced for solo performers of all levels. Our shows are fun, non-competitive, and casual. Experienced students may be eligible to play as a duo, small ensemble or Rock Band.  All students love the experience of performing for our wonderful audiences!  The shows are held in our Performance Auditorium, except in the Spring, weather permitting, it is held outdoors. Performance opportunities for adult students are also offered on demand.
RHMA also periodically offers special performance opportunities, either in studio, or on location in other venues for teacher recommended students.

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