Instrument Accessories

  • Brass & Woodwinds (reeds, oils, swabs, etc.)
  • Guitars (strings, picks, cables, stands, tuners, etc.)
  • Drums (sticks, keys, brushes, etc.)
  • Piano/Keyboard (benches, pedals, adaptors, etc.)
  • Violin/Viola (shoulder rests, rosin, strings, etc.)
  • General (music stands, lights, metronomes, etc.)

Print Music

  • Method books for most popular instruments and school band methods
  • Personality folios and songbooks for easy piano, piano/vocal/guitar, and guitar transcriptions.
  • Special ordering is available at no extra charge. Teachers discount with bulk orders only.

Instruments: Focus on students and hobbyists

  • Guitars & Ukuleles
  • Violins & Violas
  • Brass & Woodwinds: Various brands for school student rental


Guitar, Bass, Woodwind, Brass, Strings

Expert repairs done on our premises. Your instrument never leaves the shop!  Quality service and quick turnaround.  Free estimates.

Some of our services:
Restring guitars, basses, violins and many eastern instruments.
Full set-ups with neck adjustment and intonation on guitars.  Electric, acoustic, classical.
Replace drum heads
Flush trumpet valves
Repair/replace springs and pads on woodwinds

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Store Hours
Mon – Fri: 12:00-6:00
Sat: 10:00-3:00

(please check our HOME & CONTACT pages for any updates for
 holiday hours/inclement weather or seasonal changes)